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How To Sell Your Home When Your Neighbour Is Doing The Same

You're ready to put your home on the property market. There's just one problem: your neighbours -- the ones with the house similar to yours -- have just put their house on the market too. How might you make your property the most desirable of the two homes whilst still keeping on good terms with the neighbours? Here are a few quick strategies to help you sell your house before they do. 

Make sure your house is priced correctly from the go.

When selling your home at the same time as your neighbour, it may be tempting to offer the lower price. Whilst this may, in some cases, lead to a quicker sale, it's actually hurting your overall return and could even make your property look inferior to your neighbours. The best way to handle pricing is to make sure your home is priced correctly from the start. Get a proper in-person valuation to determine the exact worth of your home. Don't be discouraged by whatever price the neighbours have set for their home; instead, make sure your home is priced for every pound it's worth. 

Find a reputable agent to help you sell your home.

Enlisting the help of a professional estate agent can mean all the difference when trying to sell your home at the same time as your neighbours. Having an additional set of hands -- often from more than one individual -- to help guide you through the marketing and sales process will only be beneficial to your own home sell. Traditional estate agents can be costly and often tack on large commission fees. But the online estate agents at Doorsteps are different. We offer the cheapest estate agent fees available today. For just £99 all in, our team of experienced professionals will list your property on some of the most recognised property sell websites in the nation. We're available 24/7 to answer your questions and to help you through the sales process. We'll even help you negotiate the fairest price on your home, should you wish. To learn more about Doorsteps or to start your property listing, visit our website today. 

Selling your home when your neighbour is doing the same does not need to be stressful. Follow these tips to ensure you get the most pounds whilst still keeping peace with the neighbours. 

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Why Your Small Property Could Be Attractive To UK Homebuyers

UK estate owners with compact homes take note: your smaller property may be very attractive to today's homebuyer. 

According to the Buy Association, interest in semi-detached and terraced properties has risen significantly in the second quarter of 2018, accounting for nearly 55 per cent of the total UK property sales market during that time frame. Statistics show modern Britons, once admirers of detached homes are now downsizing their housing requirements, leading to an increase in sales of smaller homes. 

Housing Sales By The Numbers

The Buy Association figures show some interesting trends in regards to overall UK home sales over the past year. Among the statistics they've reported: 

The sale of flats have decreased by 8 per cent, to a total of about 31,000 overall sales
Detached homes have also decreased by 12 per cent, to 35,000 sales
Terraced home sales have risen 8 per cent, to nearly 61,000 total sales
Semi-detached home sales have risen 6 per cent, accounting for nearly 55,000 total sales

Smaller Homes Offer Many Attractions

In addition to being a great asset, smaller homes have many attractive features that UK homebuyers are looking for. Some reasons a UK home buyer might purchase a smaller home include: 

They're easier to maintain. Smaller homes require less maintenance and upkeep work which can save homeowners thousands of pounds in repairs.
They have a less environmental impact. Many environmentally-minded Britons find smaller homes attractive because they have less impact on the environment -- they require fewer resources to build and leave a smaller environmental footprint.
They are mentally freeing. Smaller homes give less room for acquiring unneeded or unnecessary items. Many homeowners, especially the minimalist-minded, find this aspect mentally freeing -- after all, the less we own, the less our stuff owns us.
Take That Next Step

Selling your small home can be lucrative in today's property market. If you're interested in selling your home with the help of an estate agent, the internet estate agents at Doorsteps can guide you through the process. To learn more or to take that next step, visit our website today. 

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These Renovations Will Increase The Value of Your South London Home

When sellers are considering possible value-added renovations to complete on their home, many think of the obvious: installing new counters, appliances and the like. But often the most obvious renovations aren't, well, that obvious. Here are a few renovations to consider if you're wanting to add value before selling your South London home. 

The Basics

Buyers expect all the basics of your home to be in top shape. That's why if you're looking to add value to your home before selling, you should always look to renovate the basics. Some basic things buyers expect to be working properly: 

Roof: Buyers will expect no leaks or missing roofing materials
Radiator: Buyers will expect the radiator to function properly
Plumbing: Buyers will expect no leaking pipes or other plumbing issues

Make sure the above basic home features are renovated properly if you'd like to see an immediate increase in the value of your home. 

Other Renovations

Once you are certain that the basic needs of your home have been addressed, you can then proceed to other value-adding renovations. Some additional renovations to consider: 

Entry Doors: Whilst the entry door may seem to be a basic necessity -- and it is -- installing a more refined looking door is a cheap and easy way to add more quid to your final asking price.
Garden: If you have a garden on your property, be sure to make the most of it before selling. Installing a sitting area and a built-in barbecue will instantly add value to your home.
Windows: Leaky windows can be a major hassle, especially in colder weather. Install new windows and prevent air leaks to increase the amount of pounds you can ask for.

Renovating your home does not need to be costly, nor does it need to be a hassle. If you'd like to get a before and after valuation on your home to see what you can expect from a sale, the South London estate agents at Doorsteps would be happy to assist you. Simply visit our website for more information.

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3 Best Tips to Help You Get The Most Pounds For Your Home

When selling your home, you want to make sure you're receiving the most quid possible for your property. But there are several factors that go into getting the fairest price. If you're looking to get the greatest value from your home sale you'll want to follow these three simple tips. 

1. Make any necessary repairs before you list.

Selling a home 'as-is' often results in a lower negotiated price. If you're looking to get the most pounds from your home, you'll want to be sure to make any necessary repairs before you even begin listing your property. Though repairs differ from home to home, be sure to carefully inspect the following to make sure they're in top shape: 

Walls: Paint the walls a neutral, inviting colour and make sure there are no visible chips, cracks or holes.
Toilet: Make sure there are no leaks in the washbasin, toilet or bath and that all fixtures are in tack.
Floors: Check the floors for visible scuffs or other noticeable wears.
Other Fixtures: Repair any broken handles, steps or fixtures and make certain that all blown light bulbs are replaced.

2. Be sure that you're not relying on an undervaluation.

Whilst an online property valuation can provide you with an estimate as to how much your home is worth, you'll want to be certain to get an in-person valuation if possible. Having a proper valuation can make all the difference when pricing your home. If your home includes additions or other pertinent features, your home value will rise, and an in-person valuation will be sure to include such. 

3. Acknowledge your property's shortcomings.

Every property has flaws. Being forthcoming with prospective buyers on your home's shortcomings will often result in a fairer final sale price. Make certain you're accurately portraying your property in your listing description. When discussion of the shortcomings arise, be honest and offer possible solutions. 

You can make the most pounds from selling your home when you take the proper steps to ensure your property is worth the listing price. If you'd like to learn more about how to make the most from your home, Doorsteps offers some of the best online estate agents UK has to offer. To learn more, visit our website.  

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4 Things To Do This Summer to Prep for an End of The Year Property Sale

Many Britons are currently enjoying their final summer holidays, but it's never too early to prepare for the coming home sell season. Experts say the summer months are a great time to prep your house for an end of the year sale. So what can you do to make sure your home is reading for its listing? Here are four easy-to-do items you may want to consider ticking off your list. 

1. Finish repairs you've neglected over the years.

Sometimes our busy lives get in the way, and we neglect to fix the small things around the house. Take the time now to make any necessary repairs whilst you have the time. Repair the leaking sink, fix the squeaking door and replace the broken step. 

2. Give each room a fresh coat of paint.

One of the easiest ways to transform your home when you're preparing to sell is to paint your walls. Choose colours that are neutral and inviting to prospective buyers. Focus first on rooms with chipped paint, then move on to the others as needed. 

3. Replace inexpensive fixtures. 

Cupboards, doors, washbasins -- a number of fixtures around your house can be replaced for a moderate amount of quid. Make sure that all broken fixtures are repaired or replaced. If time and money allow, update other fixtures to give a more modern look to your home. 

4. Find an agent to help you sell.

Enlisting the help of an estate agent now can ensure your home is ready for an end of the year sale. If you're looking to sell property online UK, the online estate agents at Doorsteps can help you get the process started for as little as £99 all in, no commission fees added. 

Summer is a great time to finish those last minute projects that need to be done before your house can be sold. Take the time now to complete these and other tasks that have been awaiting your attention. Doing so now will ensure you're ready for an end of the year sale.

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How To Prepare For Listing Your Home Online

If you're looking to sell property online, you'll want to make sure you've gathered all the necessary information before placing your online advert. If you're placing the listing yourself, you'll want to know what to include within your property description and sales listing. If you're enlisting the help of an estate agent, you'll want to be prepared to provide them with the information they need. Here are a few things you'll not want to forget when preparing to list your home for sale online. 

The Property Description

The most essential element of your online property listing is the property description. Your property description must stand out from other home sellers and should quickly capture the attention of a potential buyer. Whilst a captivating headline is the most succinct part of your listing, you'll want to be sure to include several important details in the written description itself. When preparing for your online listing, make sure you note: 

  • Building materials. The construction of your home is important to some buyers. Be sure to know what your home is constructed with to appeal to this subset of buyers.
  • Upgrades and repairs. Buyers want to know what sort of additions, upgrades and repairs you've made to your home. Note these upgrades so they can be included in your property description.
  • Appliances and furnishings. Do you have any appliances or furnishings that will be included when selling your home? Make sure you're prepared to describe those for your listing.
  • Neighbourhood and community information. Good neighbourhood attractions can often be a determining factor for someone buying your home. Be sure you're familiar with local schools, community offerings and nearby attractions so you can include these in your property description.

Property Photos

There's an old adage that says 'a picture's worth a thousand words.' And when it comes to your property listing, nothing could be truer. Be sure to prepare property snaps before making your listing. Enlist the help of a professional photographer, if possible. Be sure to get as many wide-angled shots as possible so that the entire property is visible in your photos. 

Preparing for an online listing is simple if you remember to include these items. Do you need expert help in listing your property online? Doorsteps' 
online property agents UK can help you complete your listing for as low as £99. To learn more, visit our website today. 

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3 Reasons Why An Accurate Valuation Is Essential To Selling Your Home

When you decide to place your home for sell on the property market, you know you'll want to price it fairly. The key to a fair asking price is a home valuation. But did you know that having an inaccurate valuation can actually be detrimental to selling your home? Here are three reasons why you should always be looking for an accurate valuation before selling. 

1. Accurately Valuated Homes Sell Quicker

A recent article published in the home sell publication 
Property Wire suggests that nearly 70 per cent of all completed home sales in the UK had an accurate home valuation. In the first six months of 2018 alone, most properties that sold at the accurate valuation price were off the market in 49 days or less. An accurate valuation also made a significant difference in the amount of time it took to sell a home. The article reports: 

  • A house with a valuation difference of five per cent or less was sold 69 days after being on the market
  • A house with a valuation difference of up to 10 per cent resulted in that property staying on the market for up to 118 days

2. Accurately Valuated Homes Get More Views

Homes that are listed at an accurately valuated price tend to get more views in online listings and during home showings. Modern UK home buyers have plenty of resources available to research an area's average home sale price. If your home is listed at a fair and accurate market value, buyers are more likely to show interest in purchasing your home. 

3. Accurately Valuated Homes Mean More Money For You

When selling your home, you're undoubtedly looking to make the most quid for your property. Homes that are accurately valuated have been shown to receive significantly more on the asking price than those that are not priced accurately. Having an accurately valuated home can ultimately mean getting what you've asked for. 

Accurate home valuations are an essential tool for selling your property quickly. If you are looking to 
sell property online, the estate agents at Doorsteps can guide you through the process. We offer a free online valuation tool and face-to-face valuations at no additional charge. To learn more, check out our website. 

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Estate Agents Sell More Houses -- Here's Why

It's common knowledge that an estate agent can sell more houses than the average home seller. In fact, in the month of June 2018 alone, UK estate agents sold 13 per cent more than they the did in May, according to data from the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) reported in Property Wire. But what makes an estate agent able to sell more property than a regular home seller? Here are a few reasons why. 

1. They understand the property market in your area.

Estate agents are professional property salespeople. They understand the market conditions, and many have acquired great skill in understanding how certain properties sell in various regions of the UK. Enlisting the help of an estate agent to help you sell your property online can be very beneficial as they can assist you with showcasing aspects of your home that buyers in your area are looking for. 

2. They network with buyers and other agents on a near-daily basis.

Professional estate agents have almost daily contact with buyers, sellers and other estate agents. Having this network of contacts gives them the upper hand when it comes to selling your property. Because many estate agents have knowledge of buyers who are looking to purchase properties like yours, they are able to connect you with qualified leads and can, therefore, help you sell your property faster. 

3. They have a working knowledge of what it takes to sell your home.

Many first time home sellers do not anticipate the amount of work it takes to sell a home. Estate agents understand the selling process and often have a team of experts who can assist them in the sales process. Leveraging the help of an estate agent -- even cheap online estate agents like those at Doorsteps -- can often ensure your home is sold quickly at the most competitive price. 

Estate agents are knowledgeable professionals who work diligently to sell your home. To learn more about how the agents at Doorsteps can assist you for as low as £99, 
visit our website today.

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3 Easy Tips To Help You Sell Your Home Before Summer Ends

As summer slowly comes to a close, your focus may be more on your final summer holidays than on selling your home. But the end of summer is a great time for selling if you understand some seasonal strategies to help you push through to the end. Here are three easy tips that can help you sell your home before the end of this season. 

1. Swap your home show time.

Many Britons enjoy holidays and long weekends during the summer months. Whilst this is an enjoyable aspect of summer living, it's not necessarily good news for home sellers who often schedule showings during the weekend. During this final stretch of summer, get creative: schedule your home showings during the workweek, but at the end of the business day, when workers are returning home from work. Swapping the showing day and time can result in a significant boost in buying interest during the summer months. 

2. Focus on kerb appeal.

Because many rural and beachside areas of the UK see an influx of travellers during the summer months, one great way to capture their attention in these areas is to focus your efforts on improving your kerb appeal. Make sure the grass is trimmed and the rubbish is out of sight. Paint the front door a bright, welcoming colour. Appeal to a traveller's sense of sight to make them want to turn their holiday into living year-round in your home. 

3. Get your garden ready for show.

For many Britons, the summer months are about garden living. One way to convince a reluctant buyer during the summer is to showcase your garden area. Tidy the area and spruce the land with fresh summer flowers. Be sure to make space for a comfortable sitting and entertaining area. Appeal to the summer-minded buyer by showcasing just how the property can be used during this season. 

Selling your home during summer is simple if you follow these three easy tips. If you're wanting to 
sell your property online this summer, then Doorsteps can assist you. Visit our website to learn more about our all-in £99 property sell offer -- no commission fee added. 

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Cleaning Before You List? Consider These Three Tips

Preparing for a deep cleaning before you list your home? That can be an overwhelming process, but it doesn't have to be quite as bad as you've imagined. Instead, you can make it a little easier with these three simple tips.

1. Make a Schedule: One of the best first steps to take is to make a schedule of what actually needs to be done. You don't want to overlook anything, and a schedule is a great way to get organized and decide what to prioritise, especially if you'll be cleaning in more than one session. Focus big to start, just in case you get any potential home buyers through the door before you're ready, but then move down to the smaller stuff almost every seller forgets, like under those appliances.

2. Think Odours: Nothing can turn a buyer off faster than a smell, but there are a few ways to freshen things up. Think about cleaning your trash bins with soap and water. Then think about any spots where your pets rest day after day. Washing that bedding and freshening up the area can really help. Finally, consider a whole house spray. Make your own DIY refresher with fabric softener, baking soda, and hot water. Mix it in a spray bottle, then begin using it throughout your home.

3. Don't Forget the Windows: Many people worry about curb appeal, and many people worry about the inside of their homes. What most forget, though, is the transition between the two - the windows. Give them a good cleaning both inside and out. Not only will buyers notice that you've actually cleaned the windows, but they may also notice the additional light that filters in thanks to your efforts.

Cleaning your home before you sell can be tough, but with a bit of organisation at the outset and some hard work throughout, you'll have home buyers will be excited to see and ready to make an offer on. To learn more about how we can help you sell your home faster and for less, contact us today. 

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