10 Tips for Selling Your House Online in 2019

The UK property market is a roller coaster. While some regions have a stagnant or declining housing market, other areas are enjoying market growth. How can you make sure to sell your property online with the highest yields?
Generally speaking, selling a house online is not that different from having a traditional agent. But some aspects may be more important than others if you are relying on online property agents. Here are 10 tips to keep in mind when selling your property online:
1. Ask Your Agent Before Repairs
Obviously, you want to complete all the obvious repairs before selling a house online. But agents familiar with the neighbourhood may have some recommendations that can give you the best returns.
2. Research Your Competition
Do you know how much homes in your area are selling for? Sign up for a few online property agent portals and enable alerts. This way, you can get up-to-date information on the asking prices in your area.
3. Find Your House Deeds
You need the house deeds to sell your home. If they are held by a bank or solicitor, it may take extra time for them to be released. This delay can cost you a sale, so prepare everything well in advance.
4. Identify Your Target Buyer
Identifying your buyer profile and making your home attractive to them is paramount to selling your home. For example, you can convert that extra bedroom to a studio or library to make the property more appealing to young professionals.
5. Stage It
What makes your home different from your neighbour’s identical property? It may all come down to staging.
Buyers don’t like looking at vacant homes. So make use of your creativity and show prospective buyers the best aspects of your home. Give them something to look at with appealing furniture placement and a modern design style.
6. Take a Look at Buyer Style Preferences
Your home’s style may have been perfect for you. But it may not suit the taste of the buyers who are currently on the market. Take a look at current market data and find out what colour schemes, layouts, and materials buyers are looking for.
Some simple upgrades and renovations can make all the difference.
7. Update Key Rooms
People spend the most time in kitchens, family rooms, bathrooms, and master bedrooms. You may want to consider updating these rooms with an extra coat of paint or new hardware. The details make the difference between a turn-key and a fixer-upper in the buyer’s mind.
8. Make It Renovation Ready
Is your property renovation ready?
Many buyers are looking for properties that can be divided and rented out. So if your property is renovation ready, that’s how you should advertise it.
You may also want to consider creating a second unit yourself. This extra unit may be rented out and it can help the new owners pay their mortgage.
9. Hire a Pro Photographer
If you want to sell your house online, you’re going to need beautiful photos. The proper photos can give potential buyers the right impression of your property.
Having photos with the right lighting, camera, and composition can do wonders for your listing. Remember that many buyers use their phones to browse ads.
Make sure that the best photo of the bunch is the featured one for your listing. It doesn’t always have to be the front of the house. You want to catch a buyer’s attention with something exceptional, even if it’s a photo of the kitchen.
10. Have Your Next Home Prepared
Some people like to sell and buy property at the same time. This is a common practice, but it can be tricky as well as stressful.
If you can, consider selling your home first and rent your next property. This gives you the time to find your next property purchase without stress.
The Takeaway
Online property agents in the UK are highly skilled in selling any type of home. But they can’t do it alone. Make your property more appealing by giving it some upgrades that coincide with what the market wants.
Our advice is to work closely with your estate agents. The process of selling property doesn’t need to be excessively stressful if you have help.

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