3 Reasons Now Is The Time to Sell Your South London Home

If you own property in South London, now is a
great time to sell your home. Market conditions continue to improve in the
area, and sellers are now seeing some of the best conditions for making a
profit on their home. No matter which of the 12 South London boroughs you live
or own property in, here are three reasons why now is the time you should

1. The average sold price in the area has increased by over 10 per cent in
the last year.
Homeowners in South London stand to gain a lot from selling their home. In the
past year, the average sold price of homes in the area has increased by 10.36
per cent, according to data from property firm Foxtons — and that number
continues to rise. For sellers, this increase in price is like a sudden influx
of quid; the more pounds you can ask for, the more you can make. So far that’s
translated into some pretty decent sales numbers, too. 

2. Some South London sellers can fetch up to £947,000 on their property. 
As with any other area of the country, the neighbourhood from which you are
selling will often be indicative of how much you can ask from a buyer, but many
South London neighbourhoods are doing quite well. Consider Balham, in the
Borough of Wandsworth, where the average sold price of a home is £946,916.
Currently, the average price for all homes in South London is £590,178. That’s
an increase of nearly £18,000 from the overall asking prices of a house in the
same area in 2017. 

3. Most South London homes sell in less than two months of being on the
Because of South London’s relatively robust property sell market, most houses
in the area are sold within a matter of two months or less. The average days on
market for a South London house so far in June is 58 days, according to data
from Rightmove. That’s a reduction of nearly two weeks, or 13 days off, the
average days on market for similar South London properties in January

South London offers some of the most prime property in all of the UK. If you’re
a property owner in the area, now is the time to sell. Are you looking
for South London estate agents to help you sell your home? Doorsteps can help you list
and sell your property for one set fee — no commission charges added.

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