3 Reasons Your Home Won’t Sale — And How To Fix Them

Your house isn’t selling. You seem to have done everything right: you wrote an awesome description, attached several snaps, even listed it on several property sites, but nothing seems to be working. What’s the problem?

If this scenario sounds familiar, don’t lose hope. The problem is usually corrected in a few simple steps. Here are three problems that may be preventing you from selling your house, and the solutions you can take to finally sell your property

Problem #1: You’re Listing Your Property Without Assistance
While it’s possible to post your property on multiple individual sites by yourself, a professional online estate agent knows the best sites and can help guide you through the process. In addition, an agent can also help you pinpoint troublesome spots in your listing before it goes live.

The Solution: Though hiring an agent may sound expensive, there are affordable solutions. Doorsteps offers professional agents 24/7, with no commission fee, in our £99 package. 

Problem #2: Your Snaps Aren’t The Best
Over 90 percent of buyers first look at a listing’s photos before they read the description. If you’re not getting any interested buyers, it could be because your snaps are sub-par. 

The Solution: Try hiring a professional photographer who can take care of the photos for you. Doorsteps offers a professional photographer service as part of our £299 package.

Problem #3: Your Advert Is Not Easily Found on Property Sites
In order for interested property buyers to be able to buy your property, they must first be able to find its listing. There can be a lot of factors that influence where your listing is found on property sites, including:

  • The number of properties being sold on the listing site.
  • The property market for your particular postcode.
  • How long your listing has been on the property site.

The Solution: Sometimes, the only thing you can do to bring your advert more attention is to purchase the property site’s premier service, which makes your listing featured and gives it priority ranking. Doorsteps offers you a featured listing on Rightmove and a premium listing on Zoopla in our £499 package.

Finding the solution to your house selling problem is easy if you know where to turn.

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