3 Secrets to Selling Your Home

Hoping a stampede of buyers will arrive at your home the
moment it hits the market? It doesn’t happen very often, but it certainly can.
If that’s the spot you want to be when you list with Doorsteps, use these three
secrets as your guide.

1. Price it Right

Pricing is everything, particularly in today’s market. We’ve
written before about how to price your home, and if you’re really anxious to
sell it, you’ll want to shave about ten to fifteen per cent off of that price.
If you do, you’ll have buyers lined up around the corner for your beautiful

2. Maximise the Light

Almost every buyer wants plenty of light in their purchase,
so do what you can to make that happen. If you need to clean the windows, do
it. If you need to go with different window treatments to let the light shine
in, make that shift. If you’re planning to paint, go with those lighter
colours. You may also want to change your light bulbs or even trim the shrubs
and trees near the house to make things as bright as possible.

3. Hide Your Pets

Your pet may warm your heart, but not everyone cares about
dogs or cats. In fact, most don’t want to walk in and see a pile of fur on the
sofa. It makes buyers think your home isn’t quite as clean as it should be, so
if you’re going to have an open house or you plan to have a buyer drop by, you
may want to find a pet sitter for the day.

Interested in learning more about how to move your home as
quickly as possible? Give us a call today, and we’ll help you get it sold!

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