3 Staging Tips Sellers Often Overlook

We’ve written in the past about the power of staging your
home for potential buyers. It really is a phenomenal tool you can use to
attract people to your home, sell it faster, and get closer to your asking
price. Not every home staging, though, is the same, and they don’t all have the
desired effect. If you want to stage your home, but you want serious results,
you may want to try these staging tips.

Clean the Fireplace. Many potential buyers love the idea of
a fireplace, but they’re only going to be able to imagine themselves in your
home if the fireplace is clean. Whether you hire a professional chimney
sweeping company to make sure it’s clean or you read a few tutorials on
scrubbing the soot off on your own, this is one staging must anywhere you have
a fireplace in your home.

Go Fresh. In the kitchen, add some freshly cut flowers and a
bowl of fresh fruit. It may sound strange, but buyers really want to feel like
they’re walking into a photograph of the world’s perfect home, and those homes
always feel fresh, so head for the market to pick out some beautiful lemons,
apples, bananas, or anything else you can find that will look great in your
fruit bowl as well as some seasonal flowers.

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa. Dump the toothbrush holder
from beside the sink (or at least hide it temporarily), and go for the elegant
spa look. Buy a fancy soap dispenser, a few of the fluffiest white towels you
can find, and some decorative baskets to help create that look.

Need a few more tips to help make your home look amazing?
Give us a call today. 

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