3 Steps To Writing A Property Description That Sells

One of the toughest aspects of making an online property listing is writing the property description. Choosing the right words, and knowing which words to avoid, can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are some strategies that will help cut some of the stress. Try following these three steps to write a property description that sells.

1. Help Us See With Words
The point of an online property description is to tell us about the features in your home. But you’ll want to do more than just tell — you’ll also want to show. Use descriptions to indicate why we should care. Online property market database Zillow says these words can often help you sell your property for an above-asking price:

  • spotless
  • upgraded
  • landscaped
  • impeccable
  • stainless

There are words that you’ll want to avoid using as well. Property firm Market Leader says you should 
not be using these words:

  • clean
  • quiet
  • vacant
  • value
  • motivated

2. Keep Your Description Around 250 Words
That may not seem like a lot of words to tout the features of your home, but it actually provides you with more than enough space to have your say. Remember, you are writing for an online audience, where attention spans wane quickly. To keep a potential buyer’s interest, try to highlight these things in your online advert:

  • The number of rooms, the size of the house, etc.
  • The neighbourhood and local attractions, including primary and secondary schools and universities
  • Any unique selling points, including rare features or other inimitable details

3. Don’t Forget The Headline!
An advert’s well-written headline will quickly capture the attention of a potential buyer.
It should:

  • Be short and to the point
  • Stand out from all the other headlines
  • Make a good first impression

Still stuck at writing the perfect property description? The team at Doorsteps can help. 
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