3 Things You Should Love About a House Before Committing to Buy

You’ve decided you are ready to buy a home for the first time, or maybe a job relocation has made it necessary to start home shopping. Whatever the reason for looking at homes, it is important to take some time and really check out a house before choosing the one for you. In fact, you really need to fall in love with certain aspects of a house and then make the move to buy. Some people just get a “feeling” about homes when they are looking to buy and while the vibe of a house may feel right, there are specific things you need to be sure you love before making an offer. We have some suggestions as to what you should be completely happy with about a house when you are looking.
1 – The design and size. Certain cosmetic changes that are easy and inexpensive should never be a deal breaker when deciding to buy. Paint, landscaping, carpet, and the like are normal personal touches that most people change when moving into a new home. What you need to be in love with, or at least seriously like, is the layout of the rooms and the square footage. If you aren’t completely happy with these, changing them would be a major remodel and very costly. Don’t settle for a house that doesn’t meet your expectations for size and design.
2 – The neighbourhood. If you are looking for a quiet neighbourhood to raise kids, making an offer on a home in a busy downtown area doesn’t make sense. Think about what kind of neighbourhood you are looking to settle in, and don’t compromise just because the price might be right. In the end, if the area isn’t what you were looking for, you won’t be happy and will suffer from buyer’s remorse.
3 – The price. Getting yourself in too deep with the price can lead to financial problems later. Don’t pay too much for a home even if everything else is perfect. The key to being in love with your home is finding a house with a price tag you can live with. Set a budget before you begin looking for a new home to purchase.
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