3 UK Property Hot Spots

The overall UK property market continues to show steady progress and growth, as evidenced by various cities around the nation. Depending on your location, you could find yourself in some of the UK’s most prised property hot spots, as determined by the Property Reporter website. Do you live in one of the following towns? If so, you’re in luck: property in these cities tend to sell the fastest. 

1. Southampton
Located along England’s south coast, Southampton has always been known as a vibrant port city. But to its residents, Southampton could be known as a hotbed of property sales. Most houses in this town stay on the market for around 40 days — far less than many others in other parts of the UK — and are valued at nearly £286,524, according to online property website Zoopla. And when a house sells in Southampton, its new owners tend to stay there longer, too — an average of 7.2 years, to be specific. That’s good news for the seller, who has less competition from fellow sellers in a city with high property demand from buyers.

2. Nottingham
Whether you’re a uni student looking to buy your first house or a seasoned member of the local economy ready to sell your home in this central Midlands city, your chance of buying or selling a decent property in this town is very high. In the past 12 months, nearly 10,000 homes have sold in Nottingham, averaging £194,448 per sale. What’s more, homeowners in this community tend to stay an average of only 2.8 years, a positive for buyers looking for a wider selection of available property.

3. Canterbury
You don’t have to be just a tourist to enjoy Canterbury. In fact, this city — a pilgrimage destination for centuries — holds one of the most prised property markets in all of the UK. Properties here go quickly — so quick, in fact, that most are gone in less than a month. If you’re a property owner in Canterbury, you’ll stand to make a decent amount of quid, too — nearly £339,836, on average.

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