3 Ways to Sell Your Home Faster

One of the most common questions estate agents hear is, “How long will it take you to sell my house”? It’s an understandable one: the longer your house sits on the market, the more it costs in terms of upkeep, mortgages and, of course, time and hassle. Another common question: “What can I do to sell my home more quickly”? Try these three tips:

Move out — even if you are still living in the home. When potential buyers view a home, they want to be able to visualise it as theirs. They need a blank slate, or as close to, in order to imagine how they would live in and love this home. Clear out the clutter: get those closets into shape and clean out the neglected cupboards. Toss or donate items that you no longer need and rent a storage unit for the rest. If you are living in the space, you will keep what you need to function but try to limit it to only the essentials you use each day.

On a related note: remove your personal items. That collection of football trophies. Your children’s baby pictures. Granny’s hand stitched pillows with cosy quotes. They add character and charm to your house, to be sure. But again, buyers want to see the space and envision how they would utilise it. Don’t distract from the features of the home itself. 

Focus on small upgrades. Often, major upgrades do not provide enough of a return on investment for you. But small changes can add up: update your kitchen cabinet hardware and/or sink. Make sure your bath is fitted with a new light fixtures and neutral hand towels/bathmat, and install bright, welcoming lighting both outside and inside. Putting on a coat of a neutral paint (e.g. light blue or light grey) can also help create that “blank canvas” we discussed previously.

Find the right estate agent. Many sellers look through the directory and pick the first agent that catches their eye. You may get lucky! But don’t depend on luck. Choose an estate agent that has extensive knowledge of your area. Look into their track record, as well as online reviews. When you meet with them inquire about their experience. 

What do they know about the market? What do buyers want now? How can they help you make changes that ensure your home sells faster? It is also imperative that you have a dedicated agent; in some firms, you are your address or a price tag rather than a real person. Make sure you have an agent that understands your needs and goals and will work to help you achieve them with minimal fuss, hassle — and cost!

These simple tips will help you streamline your house-selling process. For more ideas, give us a call today.

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