4 Best Ceiling Makeover Ideas

Most people look into a room and only see the four walls. But you shouldn’t forget to look up sometimes. The ceiling is an underused asset that can bring your decorating scheme to a whole new level.
Giving your rooms an attractive ceiling makeover will make them more pleasant to live in. It also makes it easier to sell your house online. If you’re ready to redecorate, consider these 4 ceiling makeover ideas.
1. Wooden Planks
Add warmth to a room with a wooden plank system on the ceiling. Reclaimed wood can add an organic and earthy feel to any space. You can use stained wood if you’re going for a more polished look.
If you decide to do this yourself, you’ll need advanced DIY skills to measure, cut, and install the planks. Keep in mind that these planks will have some weight to them, so make sure that the ceiling is strong enough before you start the project.
2. Leave White Behind
Painting your ceiling can be about more than just covering up ugly drywall. Choosing an interesting colour is a good way to add some character to any room. While some people prefer white ceilings, there is no need to stick to this custom if you prefer to change things around.
3. Painted Stripes
You can also refresh a room by painting stripes on the ceiling.
Using painter’s tape, you can measure off a striped pattern. Striking colour combinations can add some energy to a lacklustre decorating scheme. You can probably get this done yourself with minimal cost, and it shouldn’t take longer than a weekend.
4. Cover It Up with Ceiling Tiles
These tiles are not just for drop ceilings anymore. Check out new tin and Styrofoam ceiling tile designs to hide a hideous ceiling. There are many different styles available to give your room a unique look.
Ceiling tiles are also relatively inexpensive and use an adhesive. If you plan to sell your property online, this is a simple way to update its look on a budget.
The Takeaway on Ceiling Makeovers
Don’t settle for plain drywall for your ceilings. A more thorough makeover can tie a room together or give it a fresh burst of colour. If you plan on selling your home online, eye-catching ceilings can increase the appeal. Best of all, this is a relatively inexpensive way to update your décor.

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