4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Home’s Kerb Appeal Before Selling

first thing a potential customer may see in your home is what’s outside. Known
as “kerb appeal,” the way your street-facing exterior looks can play
a major role in how quickly your home sells. Fortunately, upgrading your kerb
appeal is not as expensive and as daunting a task as you might think. Here are
four simple steps you can take to add more kerb appeal to your home before

1. Add Window Boxes
Window boxes filled with in-season flowers add a
bright and cheerful element to your home. Choose one that compliments the look
of your house, and be sure to maintain and upkeep the flowers throughout the
entire sales process.

2. Take Care of Your Lawn
One of the first things a potential customer
sees is your lawn. Having a neat and well-kept lawn makes a big difference. If
your lawn has some less-than-desirable patches, try laying grass seed a few
months before you list your home. Keep the yard trimmed and weeds in sidewalks
or walkways plucked to appeal to potential buyer’s eyes.

3. Hang a Birdhouse
Bright birdhouses tend to attract small
wildlife, and small wildlife often makes a property more desirable to a buyer.
Hanging a birdhouse is extremely simple, and the added benefit of attracting
bird-loving buyers makes the act all the more worth the effort. Plus,
birdhouses require little maintenance; no need to remember to refill them like
a bird feeder would require.

4. Paint Your Front Door
A mute, monotonous door can seem uninviting.
Adding a pop of colour to your home’s exterior doorway can be welcoming to
buyers. But seller beware: going too bright can have the
opposite effect. Choose a colour that’s not too bold. Make sure it’s welcoming
and relevant to the overall look of your house.

Increasing your kerb appeal can be cheap and
easy. Once you’ve completed these simple tasks, you’re 
ready to sell.

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