4 Simple Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Perhaps you’ve just purchased your new home through an online real estate agent website like Doorsteps. Or maybe you’re considering buying a house through an online estate agent. Whether you’re looking to buy or have already made the purchase, here are four tips that will help you make that new house feel like home. 

1. Tidy the place.
The first step in making a house feel like home is to tidy the place. Take out and run the hoover, clear any rubbish left from unpacking, and fluff the settee. Once your house is nice and tidy, you’ll be certain you’re home.

2. Utilise each room from the go.
In order to make your house feel like a lived-in home, you’ll want to start creating positive associations with the place. Begin by utilising each room from the time you move in. Make time even whilst unpacking to prepare breakfast in the kitchen, read a good book in the sitting room, and enjoy a nice, luxurious bath. The more you utilise your new living space, the more it’ll feel like home.

3. Hang the family photo.
Create a sense of ownership by hanging your family photo. Not only will it add character to your new residence, it’ll also act as the welcoming element that elevates your new house to a home.

4. Enjoy a spot of tea.
Take the time to create memories. Enjoy conversing with your family and friends in your new space whilst having a traditional tea. Enjoy an evening of ale in the garden with your chums. Begin making positive memories in your house to make it feel like a home.

Making your new house feel like home is simple when you tick these easy-to-do items off your list. If you’re still looking for that right house to make a home, try browsing Doorsteps’ easy online property search. And if you’re looking to sell your current property to buy your new home, why not enlist the help of one of Doorsteps’ friendly online estate agents. They’ll help you sell your home for as little as £299 — all in, with no commission fees. 

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