4 Tips for Staging Your Living Room

In terms of selling, the living room is one of the most critical rooms in your house. People respond to this space; they picture their families gathered for holidays. They envision friends coming over for tea and chats. They imagine cozy couches on cold nights. Or will they see dark, dreary corners, clunky furniture, poor flow, or your Grandma’s dusty crocheted doilies? Here are a few staging tips to ensure they see what you want them to see!

  1. Pull the clutter. This is the first step to staging any room (along with giving it a good going-over with broom, mop, and dusters). Remove all of your personal items (e.g family photos, kids’ arts & crafts, your Paint Night masterpieces). You’ll also want to remove your larger pieces, such as big couches or heavy dressers/cabinets. Smaller love seats, sofas, and chairs will help space look larger, and it will help it flow better.
  2. Start with a neutral palette. It’s best if your walls are a neutral tone (white, off-white, even lighter grays). This provides a blank canvas for potential buyers. However, do show some personality – strategically. Colorful accents, such as pillows, throws, and, of course, fresh flowers, add vibrancy and energy to a room (but not too much – and not permanently. This is important when selling a home online).
  3. Use light. If the room is quite large, place a lamp in corners to illuminate them. Also be sure to clean your windows and open your blinds and curtains to allow natural light in. Again, this helps the space look and feel more spacious and airy.
  4. Integrate cozy touches. Some ideas: bring in fresh, healthy plants to add energy; place a mirror or two strategically to enlarge the space, consider a nice throw rug (especially under the coffee table) for warmth, and hide those cable cords! No one wants to see electronic “spaghetti.”

When you take the time to stage your living room, it may just sell your house for you.

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