5 Affordable Ways to Create More Space in Your New Home

Bigger is not always better when it comes to buying a new home, as honest online property agents in the UK will tell you. Paying thousands of pounds just to get a bit of extra space is not always worth it if you’re moving on your own or with your partner.

And that’s because there are plenty of simple but effective ways to create more space in your new home. From small little tweaks to choosing the right furniture options, discover now some great ways to free up space without breaking down any walls.

1. Choose a Loft Bed Plan

A bed can fill up a whole bedroom and not leave much free space in it. But you don’t have to settle for an average bed. Bunk beds are an option, but loft beds can help you save even more space. A loft bed plan can leave room for a desk, a bookcase, drawers, and more, all of which can fit under the bed. It can help you transform a room.

2. Use Corners for Shelves

Make use of every bit of space by installing corner shelves or a corner triangular bookshelf. In the hallway, you can use corner shelves as an alternative to a hat rack. In the living room, you can use them for decoration or to hold books. In the kitchen, they can be the perfect support for your pot plants. Corner shelves don’t just save space but look cool.

3. Hang Pans and Other Things

Cupboards can take up a lot of space and make a small kitchen seem even smaller. But you can do without. One way to save space is to hang pans and other kitchen utensils on a wall. More than helping you downgrade to a smaller cupboard, this method can help you make your kitchen more interesting.

4. Use the Space Under the Stairs

Depending on the type of staircase you have, you may be able to turn an otherwise useless area into a useful storage space. Add shelves or drawers under the stairs to store things there without worrying about dust.

5. Replace the Kitchen Table with a Breakfast Bar

A breakfast bar or coffee bar can be fitted almost anywhere. Whether you put it in front of the window or build it into an existing piece of furniture, it can be a big space-saver.

Use Your Creativity to Free Up Space

People selling a house online often focus on the size of the property, but if you use your creativity, you can always make better use of the available space. And the best part is that if later on you decide to sell your home online, the space-saving improvements you make now will only add to its appeal.

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