5 Common Home Buyer Questions You Should Be Prepared For

Buying a home is a serious undertaking, and many potential buyers will understandably have a lot of questions about the property they are buying. Luckily, some questions are quite common, so you can be prepared to know what they might ask. Here are five common questions from home buyers, with background on why they might be asking so you can be better prepared to answer.
1. Why are you selling your home?
This is by far the most common question you may be asked by a potential buyer. Obviously, each individual has a different answer to this question. Consider why you’re selling your house. Is it to downsize, move to a larger place, or to take a job in a different town or city? Or have you decided to move because of some issue with the house itself? Buyers are generally asking to know more about the latter. Be honest in your answer, and address their real question head-on.
2. How long has the property been listed?
The amount of time a house has been listed for sale can reveal a lot about the property. When buyers ask this question, what they’re usually meaning is:
• How desirable is this property to others?
• Is the price of the property appropriate for its size, location and condition?
• Are there any underlying problems that might be preventing the sale?
The more you are prepared to answer these questions, the more likely you’ll gain the confidence of a prospective buyer.
3. What problems exist within the home?
As you can see, potential problems with a home are generally at the forefront of a buyer’s mind. Again, be sure to answer this one honestly; problems found later in the sales process that wasn’t disclosed earlier can result in you losing the sale.
4. What are the neighbourhood and the neighbours like?
Moving to an unfamiliar neighbourhood with unfamiliar neighbours can feel daunting to a prospective buyer. Ease their fears by offering suggestions to local attractions and emphasise the positive traits within familiar neighbours.
5. Why are you asking for this price?
Prospective buyers want to make sure they’re spending their quid appropriately. Offer an honest answer to this question. Reiterate what makes the property worth the asking price, and handle any objections with grace.
Potential buyers will undoubtedly have a lot of questions regarding your property. Use them as an opportunity to sale why your home is so special. And if you’d like to enlist the help of specialised Rightmove online estate agents to help you answer buyer questions, contact Doorsteps today.

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