5 Must-Do Things To Tick Off Your Home Sell To-Do List

When preparing your house for selling, there are many things to remember to do. You must gather all the necessary documents, create an eye-catching listing, and ensure that no issues creep up in the process. During all this, some simple tasks may be forgotten. Here are five must-do things you’ll want to be sure not to forget when ticking off the items on your home sell to-do list.

1. Be sure to get an EPC.
Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are required for all homes being sold in the UK. Be sure to find an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor to complete your EPC. You can find an accredited person on the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s Domestic Energy Performance Certificate Register website.

2. Fix the small issues around your home.
Leaking pipes, outdated light fixtures, cracked faucets — little everyday issues can have a big effect on your ability to sell your property. Be sure to correct any small issues before you list and begin showing your house. 

3. Tidy up the place.
Make sure the entire house is neat and tidy. Remember to inspect and clean the often forgotten places, too: behind the curtains, inside cubby holes, even around the telly. You’ll want it to look the best for your professional photos and for showing prospective buyers.

4. Move the settee.
When preparing your house for a showing, make sure all the furniture is arranged to give the space a cosy, lived-in feel. Move the settee and other sitting room furnishings so they’re arranged in a manner that brings attention to one central focal point in the room. Use simple interior design techniques like this to help the potential buyer see what can be done with space.

5. Take out the secateurs.
Preparing to sell your house may seem a strange time to be gardening, but the reality is that the first thing a potential buyer sees is your yard. You’ll want to make sure that the outside is as tidy as the inside. Mow the lawn, trim the bushes, and plant a few flowers if needed.

You don’t have to go it alone when selling your house. An experienced agent can help you be sure that you have all the to-dos ticked — even the ones you may forget. Learn more about how a Doorsteps online estate agent can help you.

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