5 Steps to Successfully Sell Your House Online

Selling your house online can seem overwhelming, but the process is fairly simple. Follow these five easy steps to experience a successful online sale.

1. Create an eye-catching property description.
Your description is the sales-pitch that potential buyers will read to become familiar with your property. It needs to be descriptive, concise, and eye-catching, without fluff or over-exaggeration. Some points to remember when crafting a quality property description:

  • Keep it short. Writing for an internet audience means your description should be short. Keep it to a maximum 250 words.
  • Write a strong headline. A headline must draw interest in your property, or buyers will likely pass your advert. Make sure you craft a unique headline that captures a buyer’s attention.
  • Use your words to show, not just tell. Imagine you were trying to describe your house to a neighbour who has never seen it. Use words to paint a picture of what you want the buyer to see.

2. Enlist the help of a professional photographer or videographer.

Smartphone snaps will not do the trick for a well-designed property listing. Hire the services of a professional photographer or videographer who can make your house stand out amongst all the other online adverts.

3. Develop a 2D floor plan.

A 2D floor plan allows potential buyers to visualise the layout of your home. Adding one to your property listing gives buyers a better understanding of the overall flow of your house.

4. List your home on multiple property sell websites.

To reach as broad a buying audience as possible, you’ll want to market your listing on numerous property sell websites. Some of the largest UK sellers include Zoopla, Rightmove and Prime Location, but hundreds of other sites exist.

5. Choose the premium or featured listing options, when possible.

Some property sell websites have premium or featured listing options, usually for an additional fee. Purchasing these services can give higher ranking to your listing, allowing website users to more easily find your advert and giving you an even broader purchasing audience.

Selling your house online is easy if you follow these procedures. If you’d like an experienced property agent to walk you through this process, Doorsteps offers various one-off fee packages that will tackle these steps for you. Value my house.

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