5 Things You Probably Didn’t Think About Before Listing Your Home

Getting your home ready to sell can be a stressful time. Not only are you in the process of moving or purchasing a new house but now you must use the best strategies to get your property sold quickly and at a good price. There are some tips for getting your home ready to sell that some homeowners aren’t aware of or dismiss. Following these 5 pieces of advice can make your home a popular choice among buyers and could even have them competing with offers to buy. For more tips on the best ways to get ready to sell before listing your home, call us. We are the UK’s most successful online real estate agents.

  1. Don’t get too ambitious. While some updates are recommended like fresh paint and fixing small maintenance problems, don’t go overboard. Installing new siding, for example, could cost a lot without adding an equal value to your home. Keep your DIY projects simple in preparation for selling your home.
  1. Find temporary homes for pets. We all love our 4 legged family members, but potential buyers do not. It’s difficult to get rid of the smell of an animal and to eliminate all of the hair. The best bet is to relocate them to a friend or family members while your home is being shown.
  1. Focus on your kitchen. The quality and look of a kitchen has the ability to make or break your home sale. This is the one room where some remodeling or upgrading will actually pay off when it comes time to sell your home. If you can’t afford to put much money into your kitchen then at least give it a deep clean and focus on staging your countertops or eat-in dining area.
  1. You only get one chance at a showing. The showing of your home is the one chance you have to wow a buyer. Be ready to show your home at anytime remaining flexible. Keep your house clean and tidy and ready for a showing even if none have been scheduled that day. Putting of a showing is a great way to help a buyer lose interest in your home.

Keep up outer appearances. It does not matter how amazing your home looks on the inside if the outside has no curb appeal. Keep the exterior of your home tidy and nice to give the appearance of an attractive dwelling inside and out.

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