5 Tips for Selling Your House in Winter

Conventional wisdom holds that houses don’t sell in the winter. Maybe buyers are too busy huddling on the couch with a cup of cocoa. While there is truth in this seasonal flux, that does not mean you can’t sell your home during the cold months. Here are some tips to help turn up the heat on the market:

1.    Literally turn up the heat. Nothing is more depressing than entering a cold, gloomy house on a chilly, dark day. Turn the thermostat up a degree or two, and then set it back to its normal temperature. This will help keep the air nice and cosy without having the HVAC system kick on when potential buyers are there. (Unless you have an ultra-quiet model you want to entice visitors with). If you have a fireplace, put it to use! It adds to the warmth and to the aesthetic.

2.    Maximise light. See above: gloom doesn’t sell. Turn on the lights, open the shades and drapes (make sure your windows are spotless). Place spotlights or up-facing lamps in corners and/or behind furniture to beautifully illuminate the rooms.

3.    Take photographs in the spring or summer. Let’s face it: your house may just look its best in the more lush months with trees and flowers in bloom. Take professional photos that show your property in its best light. This will give prospective buyers the information they need to imagine the house in other seasons.

4.    Don’t neglect kerb appeal. If your area gets snow, keep it neatly shoveled and ensure your paths and parking spaces are clear. Sand or salt to prevent slipping. Give your door a fresh coat of paint and update your hardware. If you want to add a bit of decoration, opt for non-holiday themes: a simple evergreen wreath with red accents, for instance, is lovely on the front door.

5.    Be realistic. You will likely have fewer potential buyers, and these tend to be very price-oriented. Winter house hunters are looking for a deal. As long as you are realistic in terms of pricing, you may find the perfect buyer.

Want to sell this winter? Our expert estate agents can help!

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