5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Selling Your House in 2022

Selling your house can be a complex process. Jumping through various legal hoops and going up against buyers pulling out can have stress levels skyrocketing. If you’re in a position where you require a quick house sale any complication can be a bitter pill to swallow. However, there are ways in which you can dramatically increase your chances of a seamless property sale. With the property market having changed significantly over the past two years, here’s how to increase your chances of selling in 2022.

1)      Ditch the traditional high street agent

Due to advances in technology spurred by societal challenges there has been a flurry of estate agents offering online services. Today, there are dedicated online estate agents that not only fulfil sales faster than high street agents, but also enable sellers to save on fees and administrative headaches.

Doorsteps have sold over £1 billion worth of homes throughout the UK, helping sellers achieve their property goals for a flat fee. Our online process means clients aren’t burdened with unrelenting visits form valuers, photographers, and time-wasting potential buyers. Everything is managed by an expert team and your sale came be completed remotely.

2)     Set a realistic asking price

You may have an inclination as to what your property is worth. However, the only way to truly settle on a figure is to analyse similar properties recently sold in your area. Deciding on an asking price is tricky. On the one hand you don’t want to undersell your property but, equally, you don’t want to ask too much and risk a lack of offers. Liaising with a transparent estate agent is vital and don’t forget you can book a free house valuation with Doorsteps today.

3)     Effective property marketing

With many traditional estate agents, marketing does not go beyond an advert in the shop window and a listing on their website. With a lack of online presence and no ingenuity adopted by using promotional tools it is unlikely a fast house sale will occur.

There are ways in which you can help the process, by cajoling your agent into adding your property to different online portals or supplying a ‘for sale’ sign to entice local buyers. However, it shouldn’t be this difficult, nor is it your job.

By using a dedicated and motivated online agent like Doorsteps you can ensure your home will be marketed effectively. You can take control of your sale with us and be as hands on as you like. However, if you would prefer a hassle-free sale we are happy to carry out all marketing for you. Your property will be uploaded to Rightmove and Zoopla from the minute you say so, how’s that for promotional efficiency?

4)     Get on top of paperwork

Don’t let admin and logistics be the reason your home doesn’t sell as quickly as you’d like. 2022 is a seller’s market as people look for new homes that suit their requirements better, such as a larger garden or a work from home space. It is easy to let the essentials fall by the wayside, caught up in getting your house on the market. It is important not to forget that your home will require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and a copy of the deeds is essential. Have any relevant paperwork to hand for not only your agent but any potential buyers too – they may have questions.

If you don’t have an EPC, speak to us as these are a requirement for selling your property. They last 10 years, however, it may be that your property requires a new one. Doorsteps can manage this process and have one issued within just a few days.

5)     Depersonalise your home

You will have undoubtedly seen countless tips on how to declutter your home to help with the sale of your property. Whilst this is valid and ideal for photographs and viewings you can take it one step further. The people who come to view your property are under no illusion that you live there; they’re expecting the odd lunchbox on the kitchen counter or pair of shoes by the door. However, depersonalising your home can be a suitable spend of time to achieve a sale.

Family photographs and other nick nacks are a welcome touch, particularly if you’re selling a family home and want to retain that welcoming feel. However, popping items away that could be seen as garish or not to everyone’s taste can be a wise step. This can help those who view your house picture themselves living there without the distraction of personal items.

If you are looking to sell your house and need support or guidance contact the team at Doorsteps today. Our phones are manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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