6 Tips When Buying Property in South East England

Buying a home in London may be a dream shared by people across the UK. But the cost of living in the city may inspire you to look elsewhere, like in South East England.

This region of England is the third largest in the country, and it is the most populous one. However, it also boasts the second highest property costs.

As you may guess, there are many online estate agents in the UK who are very knowledgeable about the region. But you also have to do some research on your own. Take the following tips into consideration before contacting online property agents in the UK.

1. Scout the Area

Unless you’re already familiar with your target area, you’re going to have to do a fair amount of scouting first. Try to spend a week or two in the city or town of your choice. Book or rent a room and then look around.

Staying in the area can give you a good idea of the amenities you’ll have available. It could turn out that you don’t like the tourist traffic of Canterbury. Alternatively, you might discover you want to be in close proximity to the natural wonders of South Downs National Park.

2. Find Out What Services Are Included

This tip is less about scouting and more about vetting UK online estate agents. Some estate agents offer services like conveyancing and mortgage arrangement services. Using these services can make the process less of a hassle.

However, you should make sure your agent really understands your vision and needs. Do you want a family home in the countryside? If so, choosing an agent who usually works with young single professionals isn’t the best choice.

3. Plan for the Future

Speaking of a family home, do you want to start a family soon?

If so, you should keep the future in mind when choosing a property. Pick family-friendly neighbourhoods with ready access to parks and good schools. You may also want to consider properties you can expand.

Living a carefree single life in the bustling city may be best for you now. But if you see a family on the horizon, it’s better to plan for it now, or you’ll have to move again in a few years.

4. Consider the True Cost of Buying

It’s easy to get caught up in the property price, but that is only part of the story. Purchasing a property in the UK also includes fees like:

• UK Stamp Duty
• Land Registry fees
• Lender’s mortgage insurance premiums
• Moving expenses

5. Crime-Mapping a Neighbourhood

When you’ve narrowed down the area and neighbourhood you’d like to choose, it’s time to look at the crime rate. This won’t always paint a pretty picture. But it’s better to find out how dangerous an area is before you buy your new home.

Get news about the neighbourhood from locals. Speaking to a Neighbourhood Watch coordinator may also provide you valuable insights.

6. Check Out the Commute

Unless you’re independently wealthy, odds are that you’ll need to get to work every day. So no matter where you choose to move, you need to make sure you can commute to work.

If you’d like to move house to the town of Worthing, London won’t be too far away. But make sure to check how long that will actually take you. If you’re always on the road, you won’t have time to enjoy your seaside home.

Living in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire is a great option if you’re looking for a lovely countryside. It has the added benefit of being commutable to 3 local hubs: London, Oxford, and Reading.

One Last Thought About Buying in South East England

There are many upsides to living on the south east coast of England. Take a quick holiday to Europe by hopping on a ferry? No problem.

However, whether you choose a sleepy village in the countryside or a busy city, do your research first. Online estate agents UK are an excellent source of information, and they can tell you things that only locals know.

But don’t stop there. Do your own research as well and think about your future realistically. If you can’t see yourself enjoying the area for at least a decade, you may want to look elsewhere.

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