8 Top Tips to Save You Money Before You Move

Now that the Stamp Duty Holiday has passed, acquiring the savings for your dream home may become more difficult. Here are the online estate agents, Doorsteps 8 top tips to save you money before you move.

Address and contact information

Having the initiative to change your address and update your contact details before you move can save you much time and issues in the long run. Inform your bank, mobile, insurance provider as soon as possible. This means if any bills arrive from your previous property you can easily take care of it.

Moving in the summer

The summer is the best time to get your boiler checked and serviced. There are longer daylight hours that give you more preparation time. Generally, people anticipate the colder, Winter months and get their boiler checked in Autumn. This is when prices rise due to the demand. Similarly with roofing and insulation, get them checked as soon as possible.

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Coupons from the pandemic

The duration of the pandemic may have seen you acquire coupons you weren’t able to spend. Although some may be out of date, you can always double-check and as for an extension. Grocery shopping and takeaway vouchers can definitely help you. You may be waiting on crockery supplies and deliveries, yet the vouchers you still have may be able to save you money in these areas. Giving you the chance to use your money elsewhere.

Look for free furniture

Whether you’re renting or buying, your dream home may come unfurnished. Furniture pieces are long-term investments, rather than buying your ideal three-piece sweet it may be more beneficial for you to shop locally. Facebook marketplace, car boot sales, charity shops and local recycling projects may have some hidden gems ready. You may be able to find something that suits you for the time being while you save your dream furniture. If you want your dream furniture right away, you may be able to pay in monthly installments.

Removal companies

Is it worth asking for help? Rather than hiring a man with a van, paid by the hour. Could you ask family and friends to help you move out? They may have a bigger car and spreading the load can reduce the number of trips needed. If you are able to plan for a weekday you may find that it’s easier to move with less traffic on the roads. Think smarter not harder about your packing, there are plenty of household objects that can make a great carrier. Also remember that you can reuse all of your moving equipment, don’t bin the bubble wrap!


Rather than holding on to all the items, you may have hoarded in your current home, why not give yourself the opportunity to make a pretty penny. As previously mentioned, Facebook marketplace can be a great place to sell you unwanted items. In addition, there are other online selling sites like Gumtree, eBay, Craigslist can be a fantastic way to earn yourself some money.

Gas, electricity and water

Being a loyal customer for years does not mean you cannot get your bills cheaper. Many utility providers offer a better deal if you are a new customer. In addition, some providers will give you cashback to switch. So when moving, do your research before you finalise your provider for your new home.

Find a suitable mortgage repayment date

Pick a date closer to your first mortgage completion payment. The completion date is usually the 1st of every month but can vary between households, so it is better to move as close you can to this date. Moving into a property in the middle of the month could mean you are hit with an inflated first payment for the first three weeks, on top of your mortgage payment.

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