A Brief Guide to Using An Online Estate Agent

you ever asked yourself, ‘What do I need to know to 
sell my property through an online estate agent?’
If you have, you’re not alone. 

Because online estate agents are still a relatively new concept to some, we’ve
compiled this Q&A to guide you through common questions about buying and
selling property with an online estate agent. 

Question: What is an online estate agent? 
Answer: An online estate agent is a property agent who helps you
sell your home to prospective buyers online. Just like a traditional estate
agent, online estate agents handle many aspects of the home sale process. Some
of the responsibilities of an online estate agent include: 

  • Writing unique and compelling property
    descriptions for an online audience
  • Handling communications with prospective buyers
    who may have enquiries about your property
  • Assisting with property viewings and price
    negotiations when a potential buyer shows interest in purchasing your home

Question: How does the home sale process
with an online estate agent work? 
Answer: Selling your property online with an estate agent is a
fairly simple and straightforward process.
To sell with an online estate agent: 

  1. Reach out to the estate agent. Working with an online agent begins with
    the seller reaching out to an estate agent. This could be in the form of
    an email or a phone call. To make the processes move as quickly as
    possible, a prospective seller should gather the following items before
    reaching out to the estate agent. 

    • Valuation: These can be obtained free of charge via
      free online
      valuation tool
      , or
      may be done in person by an agent at a later date.
    • Snaps:
      Gather photos of the property that you wish to include with your listing.
    • Unique Features: Compile a list of unique property features
      or features you think will be most attractive to a potential buyer.


  1. The estate agent prepares the materials for
    you’ve contacted the estate agent, they’ll begin preparing the items for
    listing. Most estate agents will list your property on some of the best
    property listing websites to gain the interest of prospective buyers.
    After the listing is made, agents will continue their communication with
    you, helping you schedule property visits from prospective buyers. They
    may even assist you with price negation, helping you to get the most
    pounds from the sale.
  2. Finalise the sale. In just a few short weeks, your property
    agent will help you make the sale you’ve been waiting for.

Question: How do I get started today? 
Answer: Doorsteps has online estate agents ready to help you get
Contact us to get started today. 

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