Add Curb Appeal with These Helpful Hints

So you’ve cleaned and put your house in order. You
think you are ready to put it up for sale and showcase it to your potential
buyers. That is until you take a look at your front lawn. It looks atrocious
and needs a lot of work. What can you do to add some much needed curb appeal to
your home? Start here.

Curb appeal is your home’s outer appearance.
Naturally, you want it to look appealing to the buyer’s eyes. So, your first
step is to trim the front lawn, but don’t stop there. If the trees and bushes
need to be trimmed, you’ll want to have that done as well. You want your home
to have a picturesque look when the buyers come to see it. 

The second way to give your home more curb appeal is
to think about the paint. Less should be more when it comes to your home’s
exterior look. Most home staging professionals recommend that no more than
three colours be used on your home’s exterior. Some professionals recommend
only two. Either way, you’ll certainly want to limit the colours you use. If
the cost of painting seems a bit much, you can simply pressure-wash your home
and the shutters for a clean, updated look to
sell your home at best price.

Finally, if you have a pet at home and there are
lots of accessories in front of your home, find a new place for them. Not
everyone is an animal lover, so you don’t want the fact that you have a pet to
be a big distraction for your customer. Leashes, dog houses, and more should be
stored or at least relocated while you’re trying to sell.

Getting a home ready to showcase involves much more
than taking care of the inside. You have to make sure the outside of the home
is presentable as well. So trim that grass, paint the exterior neatly, and
remove those pet accessories to give your house some much needed curb appeal.


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