Adding More Light Before You Sell

Lighting can completely change the way you look at your space. More importantly, though, it can change the way a potential buyer looks at your space. It’s impractical and expensive, though, to add a few more windows to your home before you sell. So, how can you get a bit of added light without breaking the bank? These tips can help.
• Think Decor. If you have dark furniture, dark flooring, or darker wall colours, you’re naturally going to have less light in that particular space. While a paint job might be helpful, if you don’t have the time or desire to tackle one, there are a few other things you can do. Start with lighter colours when it comes to throws, slipcovers, drapes, or bedding. Even a lighter coloured area rug may prove useful. Adding a mirror or two to space may also make things feel lighter. It will diffuse the light across the walls.
• Upgrade Bulbs: You may have light fixtures from the last decade, but that doesn’t have to change how buyers look at your property, especially if you’re using the right light bulbs. Add LED lighting to your home. It means more lumens per bulb, as well as energy savings for the next homeowner. You’ll be surprised at the difference in the room.
• Lamps! Still wondering how to add a little more light into each room? Start thinking about adding a few lamps to space. Find attractive choices that increase the visual interest of your property while increasing your lighting. Even if you don’t have a surface to set a lamp on, you can add floor lamps that will do the same thing.
• Added Fixtures: If you’re feeling particularly brave, you may want to consider adding a few fixtures to the various spaces in your home. New vanity lighting in the bathroom is a good choice, as is tread lighting on a staircase or accent lighting to help buyers focus on your mantle or other built-in shelving options.
Lighting can help sell a property like nothing else. For additional tips, contact us today.

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