Are You Making These Showing Mistakes?

Effective showings are critical in selling your house. But are you turning buyers off before they have a chance to fall in love with your property? You are if you’re making these mistakes:

1.    Being obtrusive. When people visit a house in which they are interested, they want to look around, explore, ask questions. They don’t want overbearing owners breathing down their necks. They will feel uncomfortable, unable to ask questions and, ultimately, unwilling to stay and learn about the property. So, make yourself scarce during showings while being available to answer inquiries! You can opt to have us handle this task for you.

2.    Letting the pets stay. Sure, pets are family – but send these members off to a friend’s home or kennel when you have advanced notice of a showing. And while you’re at it, make sure their smells and messes leave too. Make sure pet beds, toys and other accessories are hidden away, and be sure to do a cleaning to eliminate scents.

3.    Getting personal. Buyers are often alienated when a home is too “personal.” It is important to let them envision the space as they’d use it. To this end, take down your family photos, your sentimental knick-knacks and other meaningful-to-you objects. Also sweep the rooms to ensure all personal documentation (e.g. mail, bills, invoices, etc.) are removed.

4.    Not doing a thorough cleaning. It  may seem unbelievable, but some people do show their houses even with piles of dirty laundry, sink-fulls of dishes, dusty furniture, dirty carpets and other house selling deadly sins. Before staging, before anything else, you need to make sure your home is clean from top to bottom.

5.    Having rooms with unclear purposes. Is that a playroom or a den? Is that an office or a living room? Is that a treadmill in the middle of the dining room? While your house is yours to live in as you see fit, when selling, make sure rooms have a clear purpose.


We have plenty more don’ts – and lots of do’s – to help you sell your house. Contact our team today.

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