Attending An Upcoming Open House? Don’t Say These Three Things!

Thinking of purchasing a home? It’s an exciting process, especially if you’re a first time home buyer. There’s so much to the process, and it can be tough to decide exactly what you should do first. One thing to remember, though, is that you’re probably going to be attending several open houses over the next few months, and during the course of those events, you might want to remember what not to say.
• Too Many Personal Details: While some small talk can be great during an open house, sharing too much about yourself with the homeowner can be a real problem. At some point down the road, too much information about your financial situation or the house you’re currently trying to sell could certainly get in the way of your bargaining position.
• Disparaging Comments: You will absolutely want to leave those at the door. If you tend to be a negative person, it’s best to dump the comments while you’re inside the open house. If a seller overhears your comments, and you end up in a bidding war with another buyer over that property, the seller may choose their offer over yours based on those comments alone.
• Your Own Valuation: Think you know more than the buyer does about what the price should be? You may want to rethink that. It could give the owner a negative opinion of your bid, and that, in turn, could become a real problem as you reach the later stages of the buying process. Instead, keep that opinion to yourself as you walk through the house and ask polite questions. Once you leave, you can sit down and sketch out your ideas so you can figure out exactly where you can negotiate on that home at a later date.
Open houses are a great way to get to know a home outside of the photos you see online, but they can be minefields in terms of commentary. We can help. If you’re ready to start shopping, contact Doorsteps today to learn more about the properties we have available.

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