Avoid Over-upgrading

Many sellers think they need to make a number of upgrades
before they can list their home with Doorsteps. In some cases, it’s absolutely
true. Some changes do need to be made before your home can be made more
marketable. Sellers can certainly go too far with that mentality, though, and
it’s not hard to find yourself over-upgrading and spending money you simply
won’t get back when you sell your home. How can you avoid the problem? These
tips can help.

·        Consider the Market: If you’re in a buyer’s
market, you need to make your home as sellable as possible. If, on the other
hand, you have buyers lined up around the block because there are so few homes
for sale, you won’t need to make as many upgrades.

·        Think About the Neighbourhood: You have to
consider your neighbourhood when you think about how to price your home, and
you should think just as much about it when you decide what to change about
your home. For example, if you live in a really nice area, and your home looks
like it needs a spot of paint, hire that painter. If, on the other hand, you
live in an older neighbourhood, and all of the homes around yours look like
they’re in the same condition, you want to make sure you don’t renovate so much
that your home looks out of place.

Consider Key Features: Trends in real estate are
very real. Even though you may really want to replace your entryway floor with
slate tile, if the trend is toward an updated kitchen, it’s important that you
invest the money there first. On the whole, trends have been leaning toward
updated kitchens, beautiful bathrooms, and nice master bedrooms over the past
decade, so focusing there is fairly important. If you have money left, and you
still want to upgrade that floor, do it after you’ve made the essential changes

sure what to change? Give us a call. At Doorsteps, we have the advice you need
to sell your home quickly. 

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