Award-Winning Online Real Estate Service Recognised by BBC, Mirror & Sun

How does a real estate service startup earn numerous awards in its first year? It provides the high-quality services and low fees that consumers want. Learn why the award-winning Doorsteps Online Real Estate Agency is gaining prominence by offering a better way of buying and selling properties. 

Award Winning Doorsteps

Online Estate Agents can see what the market offers. Then, they offer superior services at a lower price. That is exactly what Doorsteps has done. They offer a £299 All In One Comprehensive Pricing Plan. The price is upfront. There are no hassles. There are no commissions. They have realised that there is a better way of doing business. The Doorsteps business model uses the power of the internet. They send a Local Property Agent to take photographs of your house. Then, within 24 to 48 hours, they upload the picture to the Internet. 

Online Market Breadth

After that, your property is promoted on hundreds of the top UK Property Portals. You reach millions of potential buyers from around the world. These features have won Doorsteps the “2017 Startup of the Year” Award. And, now the British media is on board. Doorsteps has been featured on the BBC, the Mirror, Mail Online and the Sun. This is a legitimate, cutting-edge property conveyance company that is improving real estate conveyance efficiency. Trustpilot has given Doorsteps a 9.70 rating out of 10.00 and All Agents have given Doorsteps a 4.90 rating out of 5.00 after only one year. Doorsteps has had one year in the industry and is already the 14th largest 
Online Estate Agent in the UK. Their business model resonates with the public. 

Serving UK Clients

Due to its speed, efficiency and services, the Average Sale Agreed on Doorsteps is 20 days. British buyers and sellers appreciate the best brands. The award-winning Doorsteps is turning the Real Estate Industry on its head.

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