Benefits of Using an Online Estate Agent

Selling your house is one of the most important financial decisions in anyone’s life. Not only are you parting with a property that may have been “home” to you, you must make sure that you get a price that enables you to move on. To help streamline the process, many sellers turn to estate agents. But why should you consider an online service?

Online estate agents offer a host of benefits over traditional high street agents. Chief among them:

·         Cost. We all know buying a house is expensive, but few people consider just how pricey it is to sell. That is until they find themselves in this situation. Estate agent fees add up quickly: a high street agent will charge about 1.3 percent. Let’s say you have a home in London, where the average price is over £484,000. You will pay over £6000 in fees. Doorsteps, on the other hand, charges a flat fee of either £99 or £199.

·         Access. Can you call a high street agent at the weekend or at night? Well… maybe.  Some do offer this level of responsiveness. But if you want the convenience of evening and weekend access, online estate agents do staff their call centres outside of typical business hours.

·         Flexibility. As mentioned, Doorsteps offers two packages at different price points. This enables you to select the services and features you want. For example, if you want to take your own photos and feel you can write your own property description, you can opt for the lower-priced package. If you want a more complete solution, opt to spend just a bit more. Your choice; no pressure. How refreshing!

Of course, not all online estate
agents are created equal. Make sure you choose a service that will deliver the
service you need, including valuations, listings on key sites like Zoopla and
Rightmove, and a dedicated agent who is committed to selling your house
quickly, and for the best price. Discover yet more benefits of working with the
UK’s premier online estate agents.

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Akshay Ruparelia

Doorsteps CEO

We have listed over £1 billion worth of homes and taken 1% of the UK Market Share. This translates to over 7-8,000 properties marketed and customer savings of over £8million now, compared to if they used a high street agent. 

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