Building a Colour Palette That Will Sell

You know that making a few changes to your home may be a must when you get ready to sell your home. Buyers may find certain things more appealing than others, and among the simplest and cheapest renovations you can make is paint. Unfortunately, simply selecting a colour you love isn’t going to solve the problem. Instead, you’ll need to go with more traditional options. According to the experts, these are the colours to consider as you get ready to paint your home before you sell it.

In the Kitchen: The default for many selling their home is to paint everything white. After all, it’s a solid neutral colour that will allow buyers to imagine themselves in your space, right? Actually, that’s not quite true in this room. Here, buyers are looking for warmer neutral colours. One study went so far as to find that they liked yellow best. Stick with warmer yellows that aren’t saturated with colour, though.

In the Bedroom: Cooler colours reign supreme here, but not an absence of colour. You want it to look just a shade personal, so stick with a khaki or a light green to help increase your overall selling price. Going with something too bright, like red, may mean losing the sale.
In the Living Room: If you want to make one space in your home completely neutral, this is absolutely the one. Stay with an off-white or light grey paint in here. Avoid colours if at all possible, and if you must include an accent wall or something similar, stay away from anything too bright.

In the Bathroom: This room, too, can benefit from a bit of neutrality. Stick with beige here. The key is to make certain that you don’t choose dark colours, as they not only make the space seem smaller, but they also tend to turn buyers away.

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