Can the Internet Really Help Sell Your Home?

The internet can be a phenomenal selling tool when it comes to advertising and listing your house for sale. Not only does your realtor have listings on their website such as ours but there are multiple websites that allow you to list your home complete with photos with little to no money. What are the benefits to utilising the internet? The added exposure offers those not in your general area the opportunity to look in your home and garner interest from those who may not drive past your For Sale sign in the yard. The days of paper ads and word of mouth are gone and it is time to allow the internet to widen your groups of interested parties to help sell your home.

Consider the fact that other home listings can help you with research before choosing your agent and deciding on a list price. Checking out agent reviews and learning more about other properties similar to yours can help you make good decisions about updates, pricing, and other motivations to get buyers excited about purchasing your house. Our agents are skilled and ready to help you tackle the job of listing your home online with carefully staged photos and other information that will lead a buyer straight to your open house or other showings.

Other benefits to listing on the internet include the ability to list on multiple online real estate sites. If possible have professional photos taken of your home or take photos with a high megapixel good quality camera. Have your agent give you tips for the best angles and stage shots to show off your home and property on these online forums.

Post your home on social media sites as well such as Instagram or Facebook. Ask your friends to share your listing. Social media has quickly become a fantastic and successful way to promote products you’re selling so why not include your house on your media sites for extra exposure. Hashtags on Instagram or Twitter are other great ways to get buyers from other areas to look at your home. Hashtag specific elements such as #2story, #3bedroom, #finishedbasement for those that are actually looking for these characteristics while touring real estate online.

We’re confident that using internet services a powerful ways to help increase interest in your home as well as safe. We know that selling your home can be difficult. Don’t try to go it alone. Check us out now.

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