Clean Out the Pet Smell Before Your Sell Your Home

Surveys show that over half of all homeowners are also pet owners. Dogs, cats, and many other domestic animals are beloved members of the family who share the living space of a home. You wouldn’t think of having them stay outside in the cold and rain defenceless to the elements. While you may not notice the scent as your nose has become accustomed to it, your animals do have a very distinct odour. Once you get ready to sell your home, you may have to take some extra measures to remove the smell of your animals from the interior of your home. Follow some of these steps to rid your home of the odour and keep buyers from turning up their noses.

  • Clean the floors. If you have carpets get them professionally cleaned to have any odours and pet dander removed. Hardwood floors can also trap odours but are relatively easy to clean with vinegar which is an excellent odour remover. For concrete surfaces bleach is a safe and effective alternative.
  • Walls and windows. Take any fabric curtains or drapes down and wash them well to remove lingering pet odours. Repainting the walls will also help lessen the smell of your four legged friends. If you have panelling or wallpaper consider cleaning the surface with vinegar or bleach water before you sell your home.
  • Relocate pets. If you have not moved from your home it may be a good idea to have them stay with a friend or relative while you are showing your house. Going the extra mile to clean curtains and carpet won’t make much difference if the animals are still residents of the now odour free home. Remove puppy pads and litter boxes especially. These can be a deal breaker if a buyer sees them.
  • Open up the house. Opening up the windows and letting the house air out after all of this cleaning can help to get rid of the last lingering effects of pet odours. Fresh air can do wonders for eliminating pet smells and just the overall stale smell that shut up homes can get.
  • Light some scents. Burning scented candles or setting out other nicely scented accents like potpourri or wall plug-ins will make your home smell lovely on the day of a showing or open house. Be sure to choose a mild scent that won’t overpower. For some strong flowery scents are just as much a turn off as that pet odour.

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