Cleaning Out Those Closets

Everyone seems
to have ideas about what you should do to your home in order to make sure that
you sell it as quickly as possible, but one thing that most people don’t even
think about is the closet. Think about it this way: one of the things that most
prospective homebuyers check out whenever they look at a potential new home is
the closet space. They want to make sure that they have enough space for their
belongings. That’s why cleaning out your closets before you list your home is
definitely an excellent idea.

Making it

Just the
thought of cleaning your closet out is enough to make some people break out in
hives, but really it doesn’t have to be that hard. The first step is to go
through your clothes and take everything out. Put it all on your bed (or
dresser or other flat surface) and start putting the clothing back into the
closet. If you pick up a piece and haven’t worn it for over two years, or
longer, don’t put it back in the closet. By the time you’re done you should
have cleaned out at least half of your closet space. Make sure you also remove
any clutter on the floor or shelving in your closet as well.

Make sure you
also check any other closets in your house. Kitchen cupboards should be cleared
out of any old cans, boxes or foods and if you have a closet full of winter
jackets, box them up to store elsewhere while you’re trying to sell. The same
rule holds true for any other closets or shelving in your home. Get rid of any
trash that you may have and anything that’s left on the shelving should be neat
and tidy. The more open space you can get in your closets, the more attractive
your home will look to prospective buyers.

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