Creating A Circle of Assistance

One of the most annoying things that first-time homeowners come to realize is that when they are buying a house, everyone has an opinion about the housing market. Many new buyers are excited to hear the advice because they want to make good investments with their money, yet these same buyers are overwhelmed when they learn that some of these self-professed “experts” offer conflicting information.
At a time like this it is important to ask, “Who can I trust?”
Building Your Team
The simple truth is that you need your own support team when you’re shopping for your first home. Make sure you include these people!
Next to yourself this person is who matters most in whatever happens to your house. In fact, decisions should be made for the benefit of your life together. Meeting your needs ought to be the goal of the financial decisions and changes made in your household. This person’s input is invaluable. 
When deciding where to go and how to get there it is helpful to have someone who has been where you are and knows what the next step is from their own life experience. Mentors should be successful people, who you respect, who have achieved a goal that is related to what you want. In the case of real estate, this person may have sold a home in your neighbourhood, relocated with your company, or bought a home in your city. They know the hurdles you are going to face, have been there themselves, and can offer you sound advice.
Finding a good agent in an active market can be hard, but necessary if you want someone who has troubleshooting experience and has overcome unexpected obstacles.  You want to trust the person who is helping you pick out your future home. If you can’t trust them from the start or you sense something is off, don’t be afraid to see another agent. Fortunately, at Doorsteps, we can help. We’re just a phone call away.  
Having a spouse, friend, or neighbor who can fix things when buying or selling a home can be a huge relief. These people can tell you what to be weary of, teach you how to fix things, or take care of problems on the spot. They can save you big money in exchange for a family dinner and a six pack. 
Ready to get started? Give us a call today. 

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