Dealing with Pets While You’re Selling

It is estimated that about 68 per cent of households own at least one pet. The estimate further says that 44 percent of people own at least one dog while 35 per cent of people own at least one cat. Pets can definitely become a member of the family. They’re fun to own and can comfort you when you’re going through a rough patch. But while pets may be a family member for us, potential buyers don’t see pets as family members, but, rather, they see them as nuisances and can be a definite turn off when it comes to selling your home.

What to Do With Your Pets

If you own pets in your home there are a few things that you can do in order to conceal that fact, which then makes your home look much more intriguing to buyers. You’ll want to begin by eliminating pet dishes. Any bowl that has dog or cat food in it should be tucked away in a nice little hiding spot. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t feed your pets! But when you know people are coming over to view the house, pick up all of the pet food.

When it comes to toys it’s a good idea to keep them neatly out of sight. To do this, purchase a box that you use specifically for your pets toys. Keep most of the toys in the box when they’re not being played with. When you schedule a showing, use those few minutes you have to pick up any random toys and to stash the box away, out of sight. 

Cat box smell is definitely something that you’ll want to avoid. It can make your house seem completely unclean, even if it isn’t. To get rid of that smell, pack your cat up in a cat carrier to take with you for the duration of the time you’re out of the house and remove any cat litter boxes. If you can store them somewhere outside that is out of sight; that’s the best option.

Your pets may be a big part of your life, but that doesn’t mean they have to be part of your buyer’s life as well. 

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