Decluttering and Depersonalising

Just the idea of selling your home can be a little stressful, and a bit exciting at the same time. You’re going on a new adventure, getting a new home, but first you have to pass on your current home to the next loving homeowners. Sometimes sellers are so attached to their homes that they make it harder on themselves to get a good sale. Did you know, however, that by depersonalizing, and decluttering your home you’re much more likely to get a fast sale?
Let’s talk about decluttering. A little clutter in a household is completely normal. We come home from work, drop our purse off on the table, throw our jacket on the back of the chair, plunk the mail down on the counter, and the like. When your home is up for sale you never know when someone may be popping by to take a look at it (with the realtor, of course), so it’s important to stay as decluttered as you can.
First, start by doing a thorough decluttering of your home. Get rid of everything that doesn’t need to be visible on the counters and shelves. Then make it easy on yourself and get some baskets. A basket on the counter is the perfect place to put mail and your purse. A basket in the bathroom can catch the clutter there, and a basket on the stairs is a great place to put all the things that need to go upstairs. Potential homebuyers don’t mind baskets, but random clutter scattered around is definitely not something they want to see.
You should also depersonalise your home. What does that mean? Firstly it means that the majority of photos on your wall and fridge need to be put into storage. Potential buyers don’t want to see your photos of Aunt May or Uncle George. They want to envision their own family photos on the walls. There are, however, exceptions. If you have a nice photo of your wedding, that’s perfectly acceptable to leave on the wall as it gives the homeowners a slight glimpse into who you are. It’s also fine to leave a cute picture of two of any young children you have on the wall, because who doesn’t love photos of cute kids? Just remember to only leave it at one or two photos and to put everything else in storage.

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