Does Your Home Pass The Sniff Test?

Selling your home? Take a whiff before you list. The smell of a home can actually change the way potential buyers see your property during a showing or an open house and understanding exactly how your home smells may be the key to getting it off the market fast.
What Can Make a Home Smell Bad?
Worried your home might smell terrible? There are lots of things that might cause odours in a home. Cooked food can leave behind lingering smells, as can your clothing or shoes. Cigarette smoke may also leave behind a scent. Pets and dust can do the same thing. How can you tell if you have a smelly home? You have two possible options. The first is to ask a friend. Have someone over who doesn’t routinely visit your home, and take the smell test. If that doesn’t work, you may want to take a break from your home. Spend a night elsewhere, then come back in. Does it smell fresh and clean or does it still smell like the bacon you cooked last week?
Toward a Solution
If you decide your home doesn’t smell as good as it should, the first step is to remove the problem. Most odours can be addressed with a good cleaning. If you’re not sure you want to tackle it yourself, hire a professional cleaning company to do that for you.
Once your home has been deep cleaned, add a simple fragrance. Which scents do buyers prefer? One study out of Washington State University in the United States found that most buyers prefer citrus, herbs like rosemary, vanilla, or pine. In fact, buyers preferred simple scents like these to distract blends by almost 30%. You can utilise scents like these with the help of wax or oil-based candles, reed diffusers, simmer pots, or even oil plug-ins that will help your home smell far better and begin to welcome buyers into your space.
If you’re having trouble with your home’s scent, contact us today.

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