Doorsteps East Anglia & Central London Facebook Pages

East Anglia, Cambridge and Central London are the most popular areas. Today, we are introducing our first Doorsteps Regional Facebook Pages!
Doorsteps Property Heat Map

Where do you think the areas with the most Doorsteps properties are? If we told you East Anglia, Cambridge and Central London. Would you be surprised? Probably not!

Online Estate Agents

Here at Doorsteps we are always looking to make our online estate agent, house selling process more user-friendly and personal. We believe that if the vendor, or buyer, has a more personal experience working through their sale with a Doorsteps Local Property Consultant (DLPC) the result may prove more fruitful.

East Anglia, Cambridge and Central London are the most popular areas and where we have the most properties. Today, we are introducing our first Doorsteps Regional Facebook Pages!

Liza Read, East Anglia

Covering East Anglia and Cambridge we have the amazing Liza Read! Liza has multiple facets and becoming a DLPC has only allowed Doorsteps to grow and we are very thankful that she is a part of our team.

Hi! I’m Liza, a Real Estate Photographer with broad experience taking pictures of traditional homes, modern town houses, city apartments and even country estates. In fact, I think I’ve photographed everything from maisonettes to mansions! Covering the beautiful landscapes of Suffolk and Norfolk and the vibrant city centre of Cambridge, I love shooting great pictures that promote the best selling features of a property. If you want me to photograph your property for sale, just send me an email.

Liza Read

Liza’s Regional Facebook Page can be found here and contact email here.

Arash Zandi, Central London

Our second Doorsteps Regional Facebook page is being head up by our very own Arash Zandi!

I am one of Doorsteps most recent estate agents and aim to be one of the best. I take pride in the work that I do and I will always aim to sell your property promptly and for your desired price. It is important for me to set these goals and aim above and beyond them as your home is often one of your biggest assets.

Working at Doorsteps keeps me motivated and up to date with the latest in the real estate industry. I love to draw floor plans, provide valuations and take creative photographs for Doorsteps vendors. Be sure to sell your London home with me and Doorsteps!

Arash Zandi

Arash’s Regional Facebook Page Can be found here and contact email here.

Arash Zandi

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