Do’s and Don’ts of Viewings – When You Are the Prospective Buyer

When selling your house means you are also in the market to buy a house, you find yourself on both sides of the equation. It can be a tricky place to be! You may be hosting your own showings while making appointments to visit other homes. So don’t forget how to be a good home buyer as you’re also a home seller. Here are some tips for a successful viewing – when you’re the prospective buyer.


Be on time. You appreciate it when house hunters arrive to a viewing on time. Do the same for properties in which you are interested. Give advance notice and stick to the time allotted. If there is an open house, you have a bit more leeway, but again, make sure you are courteous with the seller’s time.


Be serious. “Tire kickers” are the worst! If you’re not serious about a house, don’t waste the seller’s and agent’s time. Or yours.


Think twice about the kids. Use your judgment here. Some experts recommend leaving the children at home or with a sitter. But if yours are of an age that they can look around and give valuable input, why not? They have things to say! Why not listen? A good host will welcome children. (Just make sure they’re not going to destroy glassware or run around willy-nilly.)


Ask questions and be polite. If you’re wondering about some warping in the hardwood floor or whether the roof will make it another ten years, ask. Just do so objectively and without judgment. Don’t trash-talk the property in front of an owner. You wouldn’t like it, would you?


If you like the house, make a good impression. Thank the owners and detail what you did enjoy the property. This will make you stand out in their minds, and a friendly demeanor can come in handy during negotiations.


Sometimes you’re on both sides of the house selling equation. Make sure you handle each with poise. Need help? We’re here with suggestions!

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