Downsizing: Is Going Small Smart?

Minimalism seems to be sweeping the globe these days, and it doesn’t stop at fewer belongings. Smaller homes, sometimes under 20 square metres, are the newest trend in home ownership, and that leaves many thinking about how to sell their current homes. Is downsizing the way to go for you?

It turns out that there are actually a lot of benefits to living in a smaller home, starting with less upkeep. A smaller home definitely requires a lot less than a larger home. Less sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, and other chores. Not only that, but you also have less upkeep on the appliances and plumbing as well. Rather than having two or three bathrooms, you only have one to keep up with.

A smaller home means that you spend more time with your family as well. While not everyone can handle having only 20 square metres of space to hide from life in, having under a bit less than you have now might be just enough to give you your own little bit of peace while also forcing you to spend time with your family a bit more. 

There are monetary benefits as well. Not only does a small house cost less to purchase, it’s less expensive to maintain as well. A smaller space to heat, or cool, and a smaller space that you need to power with electricity can equal to huge savings in your wallet. Going small might be a big change, but it might just be the change that you need. 

Interested in finding a smaller home to meet your needs? Contact us today. 

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