Easy Ways to Boost Kerb Appeal

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression; this is certainly true when it comes to selling your house. A buyer may need time to make an informed decision to purchase – but they typically need much less time to dismiss a house out of hand. Kerb appeal can help you make that all-important first impression. Here are some easy, inexpensive, projects to pursue:

?     Paint your shutters, window trim and doors. This will make your home look sharp and welcoming. Choose a good-quality exterior paint, and feel free to add some personality to your door. While it’s good to use neutrals elsewhere, put a little pizzazz on your door – a bold red, green or black is eye-catching.


?     Cut the grass. Can’t get much cheaper than that! Whether you do it yourself or throw the neighbour kid a few quid to cut it for you, make sure everything is trim and neat. It’s simply – too simple to ignore! People will notice straggly, overgrown lawns.


?     Stage your porch. This is valuable space, so make the most of it. You can add a few rocking chairs and end table, complete with a vase of flowers, glasses ready for iced tea or a tea cart. See what you have room for; again, while you want to use neutrals inside, outside, you can display a bit more “pop.” Colourful cushions for chairs, bright rugs, and bold hanging baskets are all great ideas.


?     Add lighting. Make sure you have a porch light or entryway light that fits your home’s architecture and add lights (solar is great) along with your paths and any features you want to highlight (e.g a koi pond or a garden statue).


?     Clean the windows. Windows are a great selling point and an attention-grabber for buyers. Make sure they look their best, inside and out.


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