Estate Agents Sell More Houses — Here’s Why

It’s common knowledge that an estate agent can sell
more houses than the average home seller. In fact, in the month of June 2018
alone, UK estate agents sold 13 per cent more than they the did in May,
according to data from the National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA)
reported in Property Wire. But what makes an estate agent able to sell more
property than a regular home seller? Here are a few reasons why. 

They understand the property market in your area.

Estate agents are professional property
salespeople. They understand the market conditions, and many have acquired
great skill in understanding how certain properties sell in various regions of
the UK. Enlisting the help of an estate agent to help you 
sell your property online can be very beneficial as they
can assist you with showcasing aspects of your home that buyers in your area
are looking for. 

They network with buyers and other agents on a near-daily basis.

Professional estate agents have almost daily
contact with buyers, sellers and other estate agents. Having this network of
contacts gives them the upper hand when it comes to selling your property.
Because many estate agents have knowledge of buyers who are looking to purchase
properties like yours, they are able to connect you with qualified leads and
can, therefore, help you sell your property faster. 

They have a working knowledge of what it takes to sell your home.

Many first time home sellers do not anticipate
the amount of work it takes to sell a home. Estate agents understand the
selling process and often have a team of experts who can assist them in the
sales process. Leveraging the help of an estate agent — even 
cheap online estate agents like those at
Doorsteps — can often ensure your home is sold quickly at the most competitive

Estate agents are knowledgeable professionals
who work diligently to sell your home. To learn more about how the agents at
Doorsteps can assist you for as low as £99, 
visit our

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