Fix Any Problem Areas Before You Sell

Even if it seems like a small problem to you – one of those that are easily fixed but you just don’t seem to ever get around to doing it (because it’s so small and will only take a minute) – fix all those problem areas you can find before showing your home.  If you don’t, potential homebuyers are likely to find them for you and point them out.

What Do New Homebuyers Want?

Generally, those potential homebuyers want to move right in without having to think about making a multitude of small (or large) repairs.  Put yourself in their place: what would you want to do?  There’s enough work in packing and moving into a new home, you don’t want to worry about fixing anything more than you just absolutely have to.  Therefore, that’s what they will be looking and thinking if they see doorknobs that don’t work, broken tile, or carpeting that is starting to frazzle.  Repairing problem areas may actually save your sale.

Garden Areas

If your home has a garden area, make sure that any bushes needing pruning get cut back before prospective homebuyers come in and take a look around.  Lawns should, of course, be trimmed and manicured as much as possible.  As well as the inside of the home, furniture on decks and patios should be cleaned and spruced up.

Hang Up Fresh Linens


Another thing that may seem small to do but can be very important is to ensure that any recently used kitchen towels or dishcloths are put in the laundry and fresh, clean ones are put in their place.  The same goes for bath towels; if you’ve taken a bath or shower in the morning, put used towels away and hang up fresh replacements.  This will help ensure no odours will be still be hanging about in the air.

Do everything you can to ensure your home looks as lovely and inviting as possible when homebuyers come through for a look. For any addition help or advice, contact Doorsteps, your best online estate agents.

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