Four Ways to Eliminate Pet Odours

Bad odours can put a prospective homebuyer on alert.  Smells in a home can come from a variety of sources, one of which may be the family pet(s).  While pets are an included as family members in many households and dearly loved, they can contribute odours to a home.  Over time, homeowners may become accustomed to pet odours and not notice smells as much as someone new to the home might.  If you go on holiday for a week or two, upon your return you may be able to notice smells in your home more readily as opposed to living with them day in and day out.  The following tips can help rid your home of odours that potential buyers may find offensive.
Get Carpets Cleaned
If you are a good DIY-er and on a budget, you can try cleaning the carpets yourself by purchasing or renting a carpet cleaning machine plus cleaning liquids that go along with it to give your carpet a thorough scrubbing.  If you have the funds, however, it might be better to hire a carpet cleaning service to ensure that your carpet is fully and professionally cleaned, leaving you to take care of other needed tasks.
Scrub Floors
Floors and surfaces that aren’t carpeted should be scrubbed, not necessarily with an abrasive cleanser but with a cleaner that will remove dirt, dander, and possible odours.  Many pet shops have cleaners that are especially designed for removing pet odours and that are still safe to use around animals.  Floors, counters, molding, and window sills should all be scrubbed and cleaned before showing your home to potential buyers.
Wash Fabrics
Fabrics or blankets covering furniture in your home that provide your pet a comfortable place to lay should all be laundered.  Wash curtains and clean shades to get rid of any odours that may have accumulated on them.
Ozone Machine
Ozone machines can be a wonderful asset to getting rid of home smells, including not only pet odours but cigarette odours as well.  Ozone machines can work wonders in as little as two days by destroying the bacteria and spores that can cause bad odours.
Odours that potential homebuyers can find offensive are a definite turn-off when trying to sell your home.  Do everything possible to insure your home is clean and smells clean.

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