Fresh Paint Can Recharge Rooms

Trying to make your home a bit more attractive to a potential buyer? It could be as easy as paint. Paint is a quick, inexpensive way to attract buyers, and these tips can help you make it happen.

A Word About White

Don’t choose white, necessarily.  White paint on a room’s walls can have its place, but surveys have shown that homes with walls painted in colours have a bigger impact on the final sale.  The walls aren’t the only factor, though. Entry doors matter too. Those in a bright colour are a pleasing asset to homebuyers.  The colour must be compatible, though.  Many people choose red doors, while others opt for blue doors.

Which Colours Will Be Best For Your Home?

Colours can change annually or by region, but blue (light blue) was a popular choice for kitchens in 2017, while in 2016, yellow was the kitchen background option of choice.  Pale taupe, light beige, or oatmeal is considered a good choice for living room areas.  Shades of blues are considered calming and comforting, and are, therefore, often a good choice for bedrooms.  Pale greys or blues are often used in dining rooms.  A good splash of colour is needed in bathrooms where shades of blue and hues of purple are often very popular.  Don’t go too deep, but don’t skimp on those colours either.

Décor Plays a Role

First impressions cannot be taken lightly; they do count because, regardless of what they are – good or bad – first impressions tend to stick in people’s minds.  It is like that with first impressions of new homes, too; therefore, it is extremely important to have your home’s décor attractive and up-to-date if you want buyers to pay a premium price for it.  The colours of walls in your home are important backdrops to each room.  Generally, neutral tones, or lighter colors on the color palette wheel are the go-to colors because they can be mixed and matched with so many types of home décor.

Fresh paint offers a clean look to each room in your home.  Newly painted rooms can be attractive to prospective homebuyers, and it also tells them that’s one thing they don’t have to do immediately when they move in. For a bit more advice, contact us today.

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