Get on the Fast Track to Selling Your Home

Your life can change within seconds for a number of reasons, and sometimes those changes lead you to relocation. Realistically, most professional salaries cannot support two mortgages. If you find yourself in a spot with a new job or other life change, look to the expert help from Doorsteps. We have the expertise and tools to help sell your house fast and release you from the burden of paying off two home loans while your old home sits vacant. Even in the worst selling market there are still some great tips for advertising your home and getting it off the market fast.

Make your exterior beautiful

  • There are some different schools of thought when it comes to showing a home’s inside but it is universally agreed upon that the curb appeal of a property can make or break your sale. Spruce up the landscaping by keeping the grass cut and trimming or pruning your greenery like bushes and trees. Get rid of any odds and ends that need thrown away or look old and out of place. If the outside looks gorgeous, you will attract more offers.

Don’t set your price too high

  • Some sellers start too high on purpose so buyers can negotiate and a good amount of money can still made. Unfortunately, setting your price too high can deter buyers from making an offer. The first month of a home listing is when a house will see the most traffic. Pricing too high could potentially turn off buyers leaving your house for sale for an extended amount of time.

Stage the interior

  • Contrary to what some believe, showing an empty house is not the best way to sell your home quickly. Staging rooms in an attractive and non personalised way is a great way to let buyers see what the home could look like with furnishings. Giving them an image of the amount of furniture and how it can be arranged is similar to dressing mannequins in a department store. A well done staging has even been known to lead to buyers asking for furniture and appliances to stay with the house.

Open House

  • Have a well advertised open house to give buyers an opportunity to look at your house without having to schedule a specific time. Your agents know how important a quick sale and know how a successful open house can drive a quick sale. To learn more about selling your house quickly contact us today.

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