Getting What You Want Through Negotiations

The process of selling a home should be a personalised experience as there is no “one-size-fits-all” plan for getting what you want. Every seller has a slightly different objective, so it is important to have an agent who understands what your needs are when it comes to selling your home. Doorsteps understands that the process for selling your home may be different than that of their other sellers. We work with you to ensure that the process of negotiations goes as smoothly as possible getting you the result you are after.

What are your goals?

First, decide what is really important to you for making your sale? Is buying a new house contingent on selling this one? Is your asking price firmly set? Do you simply want to sell it quickly no matter what? Having a plan before listing your home and getting offers can help you and your agent when it is time to begin the negotiations that will actually sell your home.

What are you willing to compromise?

In some cases, a buyer will offer your asking price or close to it if the seller agrees to pay part or all of the mortgage related charges. Others may want you to throw in appliances or furniture. Discuss with your agent the pros and cons of these compromises and decide immediately if you are willing to meet your buyers’ requests or if they are out of your realm of comfort. Remember, you can always refuse an offer or give a counter-offer to find a middle ground that works well for both parties.

How do you know what to counter-offer?

Chances are your agent has a good idea what the buyer is reaching for and can help you come up with the best counter-offer to keep the buyer satisfied and you happy. Price isn’t the only aspect to include in a counter-offer. For example, say the buyer is in a hurry to take possession, you could counter-offer a higher price but offer possession of home at closing. Be prepared to counter-offer a couple of times before coming to an agreement.

Your agent is in the process with you and knows how frustrating selling a home can be. We can help streamline the process so you don’t feel like you have to jump on the first offer you receive. Our sellers are our priority, and we look forward to serving you and getting you the best deal for your home.

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