Give Your Kitchen a Makeover

It can be said that the kitchen is the most important room in a house.  It’s where family and friends come together to share life.  Whether you’re a Master Chef or eat many meals out, the kitchen is still a major focus of a home.  It’s where you make a cuppa, the fridge hums, and plans for entertaining come together.  It needs to be inviting and functional.  It also needs to have the right amount of space for tasks to be completed conveniently and efficiently.

Kitchen Cabinetry

Are your kitchen cabinets in need of a makeover?  Rather than purchasing new kitchen cabinets, try re-surfacing them to upscale the look they bring to a kitchen.  You can change many things in a kitchen that might help it sell faster but be prudent about your choices because you may not, in the end, be able to recoup all the expenses incurred when updating everything.  Make your decisions wisely.

Laminate, Wood Veneers, or Rigid Thermofoils

Laminate or wood veneers can be overlaid on top of existing cabinets.  This is a much easier process than a complete kitchen renovation and can be achieved with less mess and hassle, and it will save you money, too.  You will need to replace any side panels and drawers with a corresponding match to your new kitchen cabinets to complete the new look.  Handles, hinges, and moldings should get a review as well, as replacing these as well will only help update the look and feel of the kitchen area.

Laminate is a very hard plastic that sticks to existing cabinetry through the use of adhesive.  It costs a little more to purchase laminate with the adhesive, but it definitely is worth it because it makes the process so much easier.  Since laminate is a rather solid material to work with, it doesn’t mold very well and it best used on cabinets that are basically plain.

Rigid thermofoils are the vinyl foil that has been “pressure-molded.”  This type of material is much more flexible and malleable to work with than laminates.  These thermofoils are used in covering more intricate cabinetry designs.

Wood veneers are actually real wood and can come in a variety of sizes.  If your kitchen cabinets are constructed of wood, wood veneers can be a great resurfacing choice.  You can also purchase wood veneers with the adhesive already applied, ready to be placed over your existing cabinetry.

Whether or not you choose to resurface your kitchen cabinetry, the kitchen in your home is a place you need to focus on when trying to sell your home.

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